FCL-1 Fingerprint Lock
Fingerprint lock is a security product produced by the precise combination of electronic components and mechanical components.The design of fingerprint lock is fashionable, very safe and convenient.

FCL-1 fingerprint lock adopts INTEL technology and top-class fingerprint algorithm. It has virtual password to open the door without any worries for security.

Product Introduction

Fingerprint Lock

FCL-1 Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock is a security product produced by the precise combination of electronic components and mechanical components.The design of fingerprint lock is fashionable, very safe and convenient. It generally use 4 section 5 alkaline batteries and two sets of 4 section 5 batteries (fingerprint and password both have one circuit kits) two electric supply way,applicable to standard anti-theft door and wooden door. Intelligent fingerprint lock has the advantages of security, stability, generality and intelligence.

Security: after the installation of fingerprint lock, it should not affect the use of anti-theft door function, locks do not exist obvious security risks.

Stability: the most important indicator of fingerprint lock, usually need more than a year to slowly stabilized after the actual use.

Versatility: should apply most of the domestic anti-theft door, less modification.

Intelligence: to increase, delete and other operations, high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system, user operation is more convenient.

Product Parameters

Power Supply: DC4.5V-6.5V, 4 section 1.5V No.5 alkaline batteries

Static Current: 20A

Dynamic power: <130 Ma

Temperature: -20℃~+85℃

Induction Distance: 0-33mm

Unlock Time: Locks will auto lock after turn the handle,if the door didn't open after reading card it will auto lock after 5s.

Battery Life: Above 1 year(12 months) in normal status.

Low voltage alarm: when less than 4.5v,red light lighting when unlock, buzzer alarm, at this time can unlock about 100 times.

Unlock Record: microcomputer can store the latest 200 records (including keys unlock and indoor unlock)

Applications: can be installed in the wooden door and metal door which thickness on 38mm.


Fingerprint collect、Password unlock、Mifare card unlock、Key unlock、Screen display、Voice navigation、Doorbell function、Double validation、Virtual password、Low electric alarm、Lift lock、Indoor locked.

Function Brief:

1. Fingerprint collection: fingerprint, easy to open the door

2. Password unlock, can be arbitrary 6 number to open the door or one-time password, simple management and easy control

3. Screen display: LCD display to operate menu content, more intuitive and easy to manipulate intelligence door lock for users

4. Voice navigation: unique voice prompt function, let the user operation more easy to understand

5. Lift lock: lock the handle inside and outside, easy locks the door lock

6. MF card unlock: MF card can be set to the door card, simply operation, versatile and a card to open the card

7. Doorbell function: gently touch, indoor warm remind

8. Low electric alarm: under the condition of the battery is low, system lock alarm prompts every time, replace the battery in time

9. Key unlock: mechanical spare keys, used to power door lock or failure to open the door key

10. Double validation: fingerprint + password congratulations to open, dual authentication security levels

11. Indoor locked: enter indoor, independent mechanical locks the lock function, is not affected by external open means opening door lock, and to prevent more secure

Product Structure 1:

Fingerprint Lock Product Structure

Product Structure 2:

Fingerprint Lock Product Structure

Product Structure 3:

Fingerprint Lock Product Structure


Large screen 5A grade high strength touch sensitive password screen, never wear;

Person voice prompts in the whole process, one card management, convenient and easy to use

OLED menu display, super smart management interface, so that you easy to manage;

Using the United States INTEL core technology,the world's top fingerprint algorithm, 360 degrees easy identification;

External build in emergency power supply column,low voltage voice alarm,

Variety of authentication way: fingerprint+smart card、smart card + password、fingerprint + fingerprint double authentication function,can be used for high security places.


Continuous error password 3 times, keyboard locked for 5 minutes.

Password: XXX password XXX (password cannot over 30 digits) press#to confirm unlock.

Low voltage leak proof protection,when the battery is not enough or the voltage is too low,the screen will be light and then voice prompt that the battery is too low, then replace the battery.

Normally open mode door automatical lock, and it is in normally open status.

Fingerprint / password / card is remove open status after unlocked normally.

Fingerprint's time zone and card's time zone all just unlock in the setting time, auto invalid when over valid time.

Setting a one-time password,the password will be invalid after unlock.

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